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Bringing you up to speed! March 14, 2016

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Well friends, it has been a long while since I’ve updated on the blog!

We are now located in Auburn, Washington. A suburb of Seattle. We moved in Oct of 2014. We absolutely love it here!

Chris has a great job that he loves, still with Boeing. He loves playing racquetball and is training for a marathon to Support St. Jude. He and the boys love having boys nights when I’m working! They eat ice cream and do lots of other fun manly things. Ha!

I am now working part time for LA Fitness. It is a great job and right up my alley! Fitness is my passion so getting to work in a fitness setting is perfect for me. In my spare time I love weightlifting, shopping, playing with the kids and our new dog Bo, a Cavalier. We have made some great friends and we really love our church, The City Church.

Landon is 5 and in Pre-K. He really enjoys his school. It’s great that he gets out of the house and is learning so much. He is reading! It still shocks me when he reads signs or text messages haha!! He has his first loose tooth. He is so kind and has a very sweet heart. He loves his City Kids class at church and he loves Star Wars!

Callen is 3. He is all boy and wild about 15 hours a day- the times he’s not sleeping haha! He has such a fun personality and always has us laughing! He loves Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol. He likes playing with Bo! He is extremely strong willed and likes being independent. He will start Pre-K next year.

Having 2 boys there is never a quiet moment (except while they’re sleeping) and never a lack of chaos! But our 2 are so much fun and always keep things interesting!

The rain here gets old….fast! Haha! But the summer is so beautiful! It’s actually perfect weather in the summer instead of being so hot you melt outside. We are looking forward to a cruise in August. The kids will be staying with my parents! We are going with Chris’s parents! It will be a blast.๐Ÿ™‚ I’m already dying to be in the warmth and sunshine!

Thats is about all we have going on right now! I am going to revamp this blog to be more about our interests and life now. Maybe a name change is down the line since we are far from living in the wild now๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep checking back because there will be more soon!



I’m back!!!!!!! September 16, 2014

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Well guys, I finally got around to fixing this thing! Only a year later๐Ÿ™‚
We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Alaska and we have had so many amazing experiences here and met some pretty awesome people! I will continue to post pictures from some of our favorite things we have seen or done while we’ve been here.
A lot has changed since we left Oklahoma 18 months ago. Our boys are growing fast! Landon will be 4 in a week and Callen will be 2 in December. They are such happy boys and definitely keep us on our toes! I started studying last October and in may I passed my certification test and I’m now a Certified Personal Trainer! I teach fitness classes 2 days a week at our gym on post and I have clients 3-4 days a week! I truly love what I do!

Now, on to the big news! Chris has accepted a job in Seattle, WA on the commercial side of Boeing on the 787 Dreamliner program. We are very very excited for the move, but sad to leave our friends and a job Chris loved here so much. The harsh winter and having to keep our boys inside most of the time is very very difficult. We also discovered Callen has a severe allergy to peanuts, so being 100 miles from a hospital is not the ideal situation either.
His job is in Auburn, WA. We will be going to visit in the next couple of weeks to look for a place to live. We are so excited!!

That’s all for now!


Fairbanks for Mother’s Day! May 11, 2013

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Hi everyone! We decided to take a trip to Fairbanks for the weekend for Mother’s Day! Yesterday we went shopping some and ate at one of our favorite restaurants from Canada, Boston Pizza. We were pretty excited when we found out there was one here. It’s a lot like Old Chicago in OK. We met my friend Monique and her little boy, Parker! I tried some of her asian-glazed salmon and I actually liked it! My dad is so proud lol! We went to Old Navy and Sports Authority, which is similar to Academy! About the best shopping there is to do around here except a small mall that has about 8 good stores. The mall only has about 10 stores altogether! We went swimming and grabbed some Subway for dinner. After dinner we went to Fort Wainwright with Monique and Parker. Ft. Wainwright is about 10x the size of Ft Greely. There is a ski resort on post! I can’t wait to use it in the winter. plus there is a huge hospital and about 5-6 neighborhoods to our 1! They have a really cool indoor playground and the boys played for an hour and had a blast! They were so exhausted though and Landon crashed when we got home! We had such a busy day!

This morning when we woke up I felt really sick. Chris and Callen have had a tummy bug the last few days but they were feeling better. I guess it finally made its way to me. I still got up and went to the mall for a little bit. I got a shirt and some black sparkly converse that are so cute for Mother’s Day. That’s all I really wanted was to go shopping! Lol! We ate lunch at a place called Food Factory. It is a lot like Buffalo Wild Wings and it had the Thunder game playing so of course that’s where we went! I barely made it through and we came to the hotel where I have been sleeping since. Not fun at all.

Tomorrow we will get up and get groceries before we head back home. We bring a big Coleman Ice chest with us and get a bag of ice at the grocery store. All of our cold items have to go in there for the hour and a half trip home! We have been able to leave the bag of ice outside in the snow and reuse it! but now it’s starting to warm up so that won’t work anymore haha! We shop at Sam’s and Fred Meyer most. I love Safeway, but it’s pretty expensive. The Fred Meyer here is our favorite grocery store ever! It is huge!! They have a gated play area with a “babysitter” in the front of the store. It is very safe and the lady that works there is precious. Landon loves Ms. Judy! Last weekend we got to the store too early and the play land wasn’t open yet. When we were in line checking out Ms. Judy saw Landon and brought him a sticker! She is so sweet. The store itself is awesome also. It has a clothing department with dress clothes, athletic, swimsuits, shoes, etc. There is a Starbucks, an upstairs cafe, liquor area, lawn and garden section, home section, full organic section, regular grocery store, and the produce are is huge! I told Chris it’s like a Wal-Mart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond all in one with a babysitter! I get so excited to shop there! Ha! They do have one thing I haven’t seen before. There is an aisle with jars of all kinds of wheat, oats, flours, sugars, etc. if you need only a cup of a weird dry ingredient you can buy just that much! So I could go and just get a cup of confectioners sugar or whatever and not have to buy a whole bag! So handy. We will probably go early tomorrow so we can eat lunch and head home.

Weird, but I miss my little Delta Junction already! We have met so many awesome people! I am ready to get back to tiny Ft. Greely! The drive between the two cities is really pretty too. All the lakes and rivers are starting to break up and thaw, and the snow is melting. Things are starting to green up and are becoming more lush! It makes me sad that the mountains by my house are starting to have bare spots where the snow is melting off. But, I am ready for spring to get here! It got up to 56 today, so spring is coming! Stinks I’ve been inside all day. Hoping to feel better tomorrow,

Well, I’m not feeling so good again, so I am going to go. We miss everyone! Can’t wait to see all our friends and family when we come home!๐Ÿ™‚


Last week’s update

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This is a very random post, but here goes!

1) I’m sitting in the parking lot of the library to get wifi. We come here on Sundays to stream our church service and watch it online. The library is closed on Sundays but there is always at least 10 cars in the parking lot streaming wifi on their smart phones haha! The inside of the library is pretty cool also…

2) It’s beautiful outside today and only going to get better as the week goes on. 60 by Saturday!! Chris had to work last Friday on his day off so he gets to take this Thursday off instead. we will have a 4 day weekend! We are going to Fairbanks to shop and spend time with my friend Monique for Mothers Day. It will be perfect. The snow is starting to break up and the Tanana River is starting to thaw. So exciting!

3) I was doing dishes last night after dinner. Chris pulled up from the gym and I looked out the kitchen window to a huge Momma Moose! It was awesome! I’ve seen a few now but each time I can’t help but sit and watch. They are such cool animals! My pictures won’t upload๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ll try again later.

4) We drove out about 30 minutes into the mountains Sunday which is farther than I’ve gone before and there is a lookout area that is breathtaking!! Once again, I will try to upload pics again soon.

5) Mount Cleveland (Cleveland Volcano), which is about 1100 miles from us in the Aleutian Islands is in eruption! You can google it and see some pretty cool pictures! It has erupted 22 times in the last 230 years! Including 3 times in 2009 and 2 times in 2010 and 1 time in 2011. Kinda cool!

6) Our household goods will FINALLY arrive by this weekend. They have to go to storge until we find a permanent place. Probably until the beginning of June. But after that I will be starting on home preschool and some other cool things. Plus with summer finally coming around we will be going in lots of adventures so the blog should get a lot more interesting!๐Ÿ™‚ So, keep checking back!


We’re getting adjusted! May 5, 2013

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Well. Where to start?!ย 

We are getting settled in our new, temporary home. We are living on post at Fort Greely. They recently raised the rent to almost 2000 per month! Yikes! So, we are now looking for options to move off post.ย 
We are starting to make friends and have met so many nice people. I went to a toddler play date and met several moms last Friday. Everybody here is so sweet and helpful. Most have come up from the “lower 48” (as Alaskans call the states) so most know how it is to get adjusted and have great advice.ย 
Landon is adjusting great. He loves going to the library and going to play ping pong or “hair hockey” in the activity center. His new love, however, is bowling. My child is extremely stubborn and has lots of energy and we have had a few fights over the bowling alley in the last week or so. We put the bumpers up and just let him bowl a whole game and he is in heaven. Plus, at night they turn on black lights and have a disco ball and colored lights and loud music. He loves it!ย 
He also loves going to the gym with us and playing basketball. We all go and practice and it gets us out and moving together. The gym or the activity center is where we can be found every evening. Being here has given us the opportunity to truly spend quality time together. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for the opportunity to be with my boys. It means the world to me that I am getting to see every step of Callen’s development and make every one of Landon’s meals. Plus I get to cook dinner and have it ready for Chris when he gets home.ย 
I truly feel peace here. It is the most beautiful, calm, relaxing place. There is a gorgeous snow covered mountain view on 3 sides of the town. Nobody hurries. Nobody stresses. I know I haven’t really gotten to know many people yet, but so far everyone is just as laid back as can be. It is just another world here completely. One that I love so far. So I’m not sure how long we will be here. At first I was scared I would have to “tough it out” a year and I would be miserable. That is definitely not the case. I am thankful for being led here. It has taught me quite a bit.ย 
The only downfalls right now are: the sun not going down until almost midnight. It is tough to feel sleepy and even harder to get Landon to. Also, it’s the coldest April ever recorded. Of course! I’m so ready for all the ice to melt so we can get out and explore!! We have lots of that to do. Thank you all for your prayers! Pray we find somewhere to live permanently soon. We will be home to see family the end of May and the first of June.ย 


Back in the USA April 21, 2013

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It feels good to be back in the USA!

Sorry for the delay in updates, we didn’t have wifi for awhile and that’s all my iPad works on.

The drive from Whitehorse to Delta took us about 9 hours. We left at 5:30am and got to town about 2, that’s with stopping in Tok, Alaska for lunch. Tok is a town 2 hours East of Delta Junction. Tiny town, great food!

Most of the last 2 days we have been so busy packing and getting settled and Chris has been showing me the town and the base.

Our house is nice. 2 1/2 bedrooms. The half is perfect for Callen! It has 2 big bathrooms. It’s very clean and simple but cute. I really like living on post so far. It’s nice to have everything so close and I know there are people all around if I ever needed anything.

Yesterday we went to open an account at Wells Fargo. It’s 1 of 2 banks here. I felt like I was cheating on Chase, but I have to have a bank here! The branch manager was SO nice and helpful. She has a little boy a little older than Landon and a baby girl. Her husband is a military policeman. We saw her again last night at the community center and talked a little more. Everyone here is so nice and so helpful. They truly understand how hard it is to move to a remote location so they are all very sympathetic. I think I’m going to really make some great friends.

I got very homesick the last couple night in Canada. I was so nervous about what I was getting myself into and also very tired because I didn’t sleep well the whole trip. Being tired makes everything seem so much worse!

We really love the base and the town. Cute restaurants and more open up after Memorial Day. There is a lot to keep us busy on base also.

Last night I was complaining how I haven’t seen a moose and Chris said, “look up!” There was a mom and baby moose licking the snow right in front of our house! We watched them for about 10 minutes! It was awesome.

On a different note for a minute….
I can’t help but be brokenhearted for all the hurting and pain that is going on in our country right now. Being up here you don’t hear much about it but reading things on Facebook and yahoo and watching TV makes me so sad. Yesterday, as my babies were still sleeping and my husband went back to work, I was been praying for the victims and the families of West, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, and Officer Chad Peery’s family and children. Then I thought of my family. My brother is running in the OKC Memorial Marathon this weekend. I worry for his safety. I worried that some sick person would copycat or something crazy like that. I worry about how some crazy heartless person’s horrible, selfish, thoughtless acts could bring me pain personally and I started to get angry! It so sad that we live in such a world that we have to worry about going to a sporting event, to a concert, or to a marathon for cryin’ out loud. I started to get really worked up and then I decided to read my Bible. Genius idea. I came across these verses and I hope they help you like they did me!

โ€œI, even I, am he who comforts you. Who are you that you fear mere mortals, human beings who are but grass, that you forget the Lord your Maker, who stretches out the heavens and who lays the foundations of the earth, that you live in constant terror every day because of the wrath of the oppressor, who is bent on destruction? For where is the wrath of the oppressor? The cowering prisoners will soon be set free; they will not die in their dungeon, nor will they lack bread. For I am the Lord your God, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roarโ€” the Lord Almighty is his name. (Isaiah 51:12-14 NIV)

We may never know why bad things happen, but we don’t have to live in worry all the time! Enjoy life and make sure the people you love know that you do all the time!

Sorry I haven’t been able to post much since we have been here. We don’t have wifi at our house and that’s all my iPad works with. We don’t even have 3G! You know when you are out of town and your iPhone has an E at the top for the service? That’s ours 24/7! Ugh. So things are slllooooow. Sorry!๐Ÿ™‚

Brittany Weiser




The mountains are about 10 minutes from our house, and the mom and baby moose were in our yard!๐Ÿ™‚


Ft. Nelson to Watson Lake April 14, 2013

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We had a great drive today! We stopped 4 hours into the drive at a place called Laird Hot Springs! It was awesome. You go to a parking lot, walk about 1/4 mile into the woods, and there is a gorgeous pool of hot water. We brought our swimsuits and wanted to get in so bad, but just decided against it because of the hassle of being wet with 2 kids when it’s 25 degrees out. It was the coolest place ever, tucked away in the woods. I did stick my foot in and it was so hot! They have built benches in it and steps. The floor is little pebbles. I was happy there weren’t any fish! We will probably make the drive back there someday!




We also saw some Bison. Or Buffalo. I don’t really know the difference, but they were huge! We saw probably 100 today. It’s the only wildlife we saw.



I keep saying the scenery was beautiful, but it seems it gets more beautiful every day!



The vast white space below the mountain is actually a frozen, snow covered lake! It was gorgeous!


We are going to bed in about an hour and getting in the road really early. We have another 5 hour drive to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory tomorrow. We are going to try to get on the road by 4 or 5 so we can get there early. In Whitehorse there is a huge rec center with a gym, fitness classes, CHILDCARE!, swimming pool, hot tub, saunas, basketball courts, Ice skating rink, and so much more! You can buy day passes to it and since we haven’t had hardly any physical activity at all lately we plan on spending the day there and wearing the boys out. The next day is about a 9 hour drive home! We have almost made it!

Thank you all for all of your prayers. The roads were mostly clear today and they said from here on the roads are completely clear and not winding through mountains on cliffs! It should be much less stressful and we should be able to go faster than 40mph the whole way lol!

We are ready to be finished driving for sure, but this has been great family time for us!

OH! Congratulations to Adam Scott for winning the Master’s!๐Ÿ™‚